String DuoOur musicians provide a versatile selection of musical repertoire to enhance your event-Anniversary Parties, Birthdays, corporate functions or private parties. We will provide professional service and create the perfect ambiance for your event. Music choices may include Classical, Romantic and light classical, Popular and Show tunes, Viennese, Ragtime, Opera, Celtic and Jazz.

We offer various ensembles to suit your musical requirements with a range of fees to suit your budget.

Ensembles include:

  • String Quartet—two violins, viola and cello
  • String Trio—two violins and cello
  • String Duo—two violins or violin and cello
  • Solo String—violin or cello
  • Fiddle or Fiddle and Accordion
  • Jazz piano solo, Jazz Duo and Jazz Trio (instrumentation may piano plus violin, bass, percussion, voice, or trombone).

Combinations of ensembles are recommended for events over 3 hours in length.