Over the past 20 years The Classic String Quartet has been devoted to providing tasteful music and services to an assortment of parties and events. Our musicians are an active part of the music scene in Toronto; accomplished professionals who perform with a variety of orchestras and ensembles in southern Ontario.The Players

Our ensembles are available to enhance the ambience at your wedding, reception, anniversary, celebration or corporate event, no matter the location. We play inside or out, cruising on the Segwun or on the golf course, at the cottage or in a reception hall. From Muskoka to Toronto, Niagara to Ottawa, the Classic String Quartet will provide memorable music for your special occasion.

We provide a wide variety of classical music for each ensemble. Your choice of ensemble may vary according to space and size of the venue and should reflect your personal preferences and tastes in music. Most of our repertoire is available for any of the following ensembles.

Quartet - two violins, one viola and one cello
Trio - two violins and one cello
Duo - two violins or violin and cello
Solo - violin, viola or cello

Musicians performing at CSQ events may vary due to availability and location. Our professional quality and high standard is guaranteed.

If you need a lighter atmosphere, you may be interested in 'Jazzical.' We play a number of jazz standards and traditional cocktail music to create a lively environment. Jazzical performers bring their own keyboard and amplifier if no suitable piano is available. Jazzical is available in the following forms:

Solo - Jazz or cocktail piano
Duo - Jazz piano and violin

If your tastes are more into jigs and reels inquire about our Scottish and Celtic Fiddling. This combo is great fun for parties and Robbie Burns celebrations. Available as fiddle and keyboard